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Understanding the Zodiacs - Birthday Ecards Shine Light On Sun Signs

Author: Sean Carter

Your sign of the Zodiac is determined by the position of the sun in respect of that particular zodiac, where the sun was situated during the time of your birth. Thus it is a pleasant idea to wish someone on his or her birthday with a special zodiac birthday ecard. Since, that person's behavior and personal characteristics are the consequences of that particular zodiac sign; so it's a nice idea to send an ecard that acknowledge the zodiac sign of your dear one, after all, if you really believe in it then the person is what he is because of his zodiac sign!


Before you go ahead and send a zodiac birthday ecards to your friends and family members, it's a good idea to explore each of the zodiac sign a little, so you can have a deeper understanding and a better chance of analyzing that person's psyche.
Aries: The characteristics and personal traits of an Aries are signified in its astrological symbol, a ram. Aries are determined to become successful from the very beginning of any venture. They are doers with amazing energy and enthusiasm. It can be difficult for the others to keep pace with an Aries but they are charmed by their vitality none the less. At times they can be a little harsh and inconsiderate to others. Aries can become stimulated and aggressive at the prospect of any challenging situation but if you take away the physical activity they tend to become miserable and demoralized.
Cancer: Cancerians are quite sentimental and emotional. They have a tendency to do things with a roundabout manner and during any hostile situation they mask their true aspiration until a more comfortable situation becomes evident. They can easily appeal to the emotions of others as Cancerians can make anyone feel close to them and inspire others with encouragement and support. They are very loyal partners but prone to mood swings and emotional volatility.
Libra: Librans are intellectual, strong willed and charming persons. They try to avoid hurting others and unpleasant confrontations at all cost, even if that means to postpone their immediate goals. They are intellectually stimulated beings; they tend to judge everything on an intellectual level, which may seem dispassionate at times. Librans accomplish their objective by using a unique blend of wit and intelligence, they are averse to crowd but enjoy closeness with a chosen few.
Capricorn: Capricorns are enthusiastic doers. They work better within well defined plans and guidelines. They are allured by power and position and they are not reluctant to take challenging responsibilities. Capricorns hate the idea to show their weakness or incapability in something and always want to be admired and respected by others. Though endowed with a good sense of humor, they get easily annoyed if someone makes fun of them.
Taurus: Taureans are stubborn and find it difficult to get accustomed to new ideas and customs. They have an uncanny ability to stick to a certain job until they get it finished. On a personal level they get very possessive about all their relationships as they feel concerned for their personal security. Taureans like to mix with people and have a good sense of humor.
Leo: The personals traits of a Leo are signified in its astrological symbol. The lion symbolizes almost majestic authority over everything. They rarely change their attitude or opinion on others request. Leo persons do not forgive or forget their offenders easily. But their kindness and passion attracts many friends and admirers.
Scorpio: Scorpios have the greatest emotional strength. Their strong will and the inclination to stick to something, make them successful in everything they do. Scorpios can easily exercise power and control over others but jealousy and excessive possessiveness are the weak traits of their personality.
Aquarius: Loyalty, intellectualism, fairness and objective thinking, these are the personal traits that Aquarians represent. At times they can be stubborn and averse to change but often their ideas and principles become the source of shared benefit for the entire humanity. They are often fascinated by unusual and unique ideas, though Aquarians can get too far away from reality in their philosophical and intellectual pursuit.
Gemini: Geminis are quite flexible when it comes to adapting to a certain situation. They have an uncanny ability to comprehend what's going on inside others mind; moreover they are quite dexterous in impersonating others. Though lack of concentration is their vulnerable point but through their cheerful and friendly nature they enjoy a good social life.
Virgo: Virgos are good at adapting to changing situation and people. They are introverted and idealistic individuals. They are quite analytical and cherish a desire to improve almost everything. Virgos try to keep away from the spotlight but at the same time they can be quite good in negotiating.
Sagittarius: Sagittarians crave for freedom and independence in every sphere of their lives. They are quick and skilled in adapting different occupations. They are seekers of knowledge and wisdom. Sagittarians are always on the look out for any opportunity to expand their sphere of learning. They have an excellent sense of humor and appreciate wit even in gloomy situations.
Pisces: Pisceans are shy, sensitive and vulnerable. They aspire to be perfect in everything they do and often they have lofty ideals. Pisceans can easily blend with the changing circumstances and eagerly empathize with other's feelings. In their search for perfection and ideal they often seek refuge in spiritual and religious pursuit.

Now, that you have a perspective of each of the zodiacs, you can quite easily probe deep in to the psyche of your friend or family members. You can now make sense, why that person behaved in a particular way on a particular time. This understanding about the zodiac throws light on the human behavior and makes you a better judge of characters. So if you are planning to wish some one on his or her birthday, it's a great idea to gift a free zodiac birthday ecard, because the specially designed zodiac birthday ecard reminds us that the personal traits of that person are determined by the sign of the zodiac, after all we are all made of stars!

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